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The music of Aisha has been composed by Amit Trivedi. This young man if allowed can definitely turnaround the music scene in our hindi film industry. With fresh tracks on every record that he touches, Amit Trivedi clearly has a deep passion and understanding of Hindi music. The songs of Udaan were an example of how he could write music for a young teenage film. This time, he’s taken on Aisha, a romantic comedy to its core.

Download and listen to an excellent music album for a break from the usual hum drum of hindi film music

Aisha Tracks

01 – Suno Aisha

02 – Gal Mitthi Mitthi

03 – Shaam

04 – Behke Behke

05 – Lehrein

06 – By The Way

07 – Gal Mitthi Mitthi (The Bombay Bounce Dhol Mix)

08 – Lehrein Remix (The Bombay Bounce Lounge Mix)

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