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Ancient Bangladesh







The ruins of Paharpur Buddhist Vihara (temple) are located
200 km northwest of Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka. It is the largest
Buddhist temple on the Indian subcontinent. It was declared as
world Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Paharpur is a small village, 5 km west of Jamalganj in the rajshahi
district. Paharpur Buddha Vihara is the famous architecture of 7th
century, which was built by king Dharma Pal.

The architectural view of this Buddha Vihara is really wonderful
and unforgettable. We are welcoming people to come here and
discover the history and beauty of ancient Bangladesh.







Mainamati represents the landmark of ancient Buddhist
architectural beauty in Bangladesh. It is named after Queen
“Maynamati” in the reign of King Chandra. It carries the history
of the thousands years old Bangladesh. This place embraces the
three most monastic “Vihara” (temple) made in Deva dynasty nearly
between the 7th and 8thAD. With the  GumatiRiver flowing beside
the land and moving along with the gentle breeze, this place will
give you the feeling that the purpose of your journey this far has
been achieved.                                                                                                      



  Sonargaon is one of the world heritage site and it was the ancient
capital of Bangladesh. Its situated in 27 km southeast of Dhaka and
is near to Narayanganj,Bangladesh.Before 1947 British use to
rule in Bangladesh, for this reason you can see most of the art work
is influenced by Europe. Many Hindu and Muslim king has ruled
Sonargoan and it leaves an effect on art work and even in culture of
Sonargaon. It is known as rendezvous place of Sufis and fakirs (holy
person in Islamic religion). Now if you visit Sonargaon,you will see
medieval buildings, most of them are religious place, some mughal
bridges and few  houses which were of colonial period. Beside these
Sonargaon is also known for Muslin production, Dhakai Muslin has
good reputation all over the world. In the earliest days Muslin was
symbol of status. You can come to Sonargaon and lose yourself in
its ancient architectural beauty.

Ahsan Manjil

Ahsan Manjil

Ahsan Manzil:

Ahsan Manzil is built in 1872 under the rule of Nawab Abdul Gani and
its  named after his son Khaza Ahhsan Ullah. It’s situated on the bank
of Buriganga river. Its also known as Pink Palace. Inside the palace
there are 31 rooms, 23 gallaries. If you visit Ahsan Manzil you can
experience the life style of Nawabs. The furniture and household
utensils are still present there. At the top of the palace there is a
huge dome and it can be seen from miles away. Recently Ahsan Manzil
 has been turned into museum. Each of the wall is evidence of ancient
art work. Ahsan Manzil is surrounded by greenery and when you look
at it, it will recall your childhood when you heard of fairy tale of
princes from a palace just like this.

Lalbag Fort

Lalbag Fort

 Lalbag Fort:

Lalbag fort was built in 1678 AD by the son of the Mughal Emperor
Aurangazeb, Prince Mohammad Azam. It represent the historical
places of Mughal Era. Its commonly known as Aurangabad fort. It
symbolises the unfulfilled desire of the Prince as it reminds the
bloody war during the first war of independence against British
force. It is situated in old Dhaka city standing towards Buriganga
river.The fort was built very gracefully and the its surrounded by 
a pretty garden. There is a small museum in this fort where you
can see the clothes and weapons used by the Mughals. And it will
make your journey exciting.

Parlament Bangladesh

Parliament Bangladesh

 Parliament House:

Parliament house is commonly known as Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban. It can
be called an architectural wonder of this region as its designed by
famous American architect Louis I Khan. Its situated in Sher-e-Bangla
Nagar and its situated  of four main streets .It includes lawns, a
lake and residences for Parliament members.This complex is also
used for national assembly. If you visit Dhaka and do not get a
chance to see the parliament house then your trip will be incomplete.
To see modern contemporary architectural work you must visit it.

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