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Bangladesh has a multifaceted folk heritage. As Bangladesh is ethnically diverse so the culture is blended with different flavour. Here religion does not have any bound they live here in a relative harmony. Guests are considered as blessings of God. This culture teaches all its citizen to be friendly and respects others. Thus Bangladesh has good reputation for hospitality. Now come and enjoy some of the Bangladeshi festivals and take the pleasure of colorful culture.

Bangladesh consists of many festivals due to its cultural diversity. Bangladeshis celebrate all religious festivals. Muslim,christian,Buddhist, whatever it may be everyone  respects each others religious and always take part in their joyous occasion.

These are just few of the many festivals celebrated in Bangladesh, the nation of many religions:

Celebrating Phela Baishak

Celebrating Phela Baishak

Pahela Baishakh

 This is the first day of the Bangla calender and its the first day of spring. Many fair are arranged throughout the entire country. Women of all ages wears colorful saree and men wears panjabi. Cultural programs are held everywhere to celebrate Bangladeshi culture. A special dish is cooked to honour this day, called panta-illish.This dish consists of stale rice and slice of fish (usually hilsafish) accompanied by dried fish, chillies, onion and pickles. If you want to experience this colorful event then you have to come in April.

Celebrating 21st February

Celebrating 21st February

21st February

 This day is observed throughout the country to pay respect to the martyrs of Language movements of 1952. Many lives were lost on this day at the central shahid minar areas to establish Bangla as a state language of then. Most people commemorate the fallen souls by putting up flowers at shahid minar. In midnight people start their procession towards shahid minar by singing the song “Amar vaier roktay rangano ekushay February.”

Independence day

 Its one of the biggest festivals in Bangladesh, everyone dresses up in the colors of the national flag. Many people come out to rally on the roads, chanting the national anthem. This day is the most joyous and saddest at the same time which is near to the hearts of many. Whole day long people sings the patriotic songs.



Religious Festivals

 Eid-ul-fitr is the greatest Islamic festivals which is observed with the sighting of the shawal moon. This is held following Muslim lunar calendar. No other day is as pleasant as this one. After month long fasting throughout ramadan, Eid comes as a good reprieve.  Every Muslim celebrate this day with great joy and happiness.

Durga Puja

Durga Puja

Durga puja

One is the biggest Hindu festival observed throughout the world.This festival continues for 10days. As we said before in Bangladesh Hindu and muslims live in relative harmony, although everyone take part in these puja’sThe Hindu temple are decorated with lights and beautifulflowers.Its celebrated during October.You will enjoy this festival as its colorful and this program is celebrated with song and dance.




 Its the main festivals for christian and its also popular and enjoyable festival of all.Churches are decorated so beautifully.The most fascinating thing is making the Christmas tree and going for midnight mass.They offers different types of cakes to people from different religion. Thus it makes a friendly relationship with each other.

Buddha purnima

Buddha purnima

Buddha Purnima

 Buddhist celebrates this festival in a blissful way.In this day Buddha was born, he was enlightened and died. These made  the day very special to all Buddhist in every means.

Beside festival Bangladesh is very colorful in music, literature and also in handicrafts items.


Music has always played an important role in the lives of people. Bangladesh has enriched with folk musical heritage. Bangladeshi music is categorized in to different genre.Such as Rabindra sangeet, Nazrul geeti, Classical music, Folk songs and modern remix song. Each of these catagorieshas different approach of using particular instrument.These songs are based on love,philosophy,masterful poetry,spiritual thoughts,ragas mode and peoples lifestyle.


Bangladesh have a very rich poetic tradition.Verses rendering the heroic tales of patriotism and love mere orally delivered in the past. They were then composed in written forms known as punthi. ‘Jatra’ another popular form of drama which includes acting, dancing and dancing. Besides shorter forms of drama known as pala are also staged at that time.Western culture is also adding a new dimension to the culture but it is not going to lose its root. That’s the beauty of Bangladesh.

Handicrafts of Bangladesh

Weaving Jamdani saree

          Weaving Jamdaani Saari

Bangladesh is re known for its unique style of handicrafts item.The muslin of Dhaka was world famous. the Tangail sari. Fabrics woven by handloom are eminent for their design and quality. The reputation of Rajshahi silk has crossed the border.The kaddar punjabi has great demand from men with cultural taste. Jamdani one of the oldest forms of cottage industry. Our handicrafts are our pride.




Typical food of Bangladesh is rice, fish and dal. As we all know Bangladesh is land of sea so fish is available here and people get variety of fish. Among all kind of  fish hilsa is very popular. Not only that we can see many kinds of vegetable and moreover its fresh vegetable. Bangladeshis have a unique style of cooking and they uses lots of spices. British used to rule here so in food also we have a western touch also. There are different kind of rice such as plain rice, polou rice, yellow rice, sticky rice.

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